April 2015

A Higher Standard

fletcher_6008999 show points say this ’57 Bel Air Convertible is one of the country’s finest.

By Dave Fletcher #10098030, Brentwood, CA

Photography by Colin Date

Back in 1974, we purchased our first (my second) 1957 Chevrolet. We had decided to buy a classic car that we could fix up as a daily driver. We were in the hunt for a ’57 2-door Sport Coupe. Most folks don’t remember the days when a hardtop was harder to come by than a convertible. That was the case, and we found a convertible that was solid enough to build what we had in mind. However, after a month of working on the car and not getting very far, we bought a really nice ’56 4-door Bel Air. It turned out to be more in line with what we needed, especially since we were starting our family. Continue reading

Show time!

Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

Is it really that time of year already? Well, we’re getting close. By the time you read this, we’ll be well on the way to saying bye-bye to March, and hopefully winter’s bite will be fading fast. Here in Florida, we’ve already kicked into show time gear. In fact, in early February, we held our 23rd annual Winter National Convention. Great show! Great Cars! Over 180 registered show cars, terrific sunny weather, great music and food, many folks from the northern states dressed like it was the middle of summer (it was probably 65F). We typically have smaller car shows throughout the winter in the Sunshine State, but the Winter National is our first “official” event– the granddaddy that kicks it all off. Continue reading

GM Upgrades: Keep it Cool! Converting to 134a

tri-5-under-hoodCourtesy of Classic Auto Air • Classicautoair.com

Until 1995, most cars with air conditioning used R-12 Freon refrigerant that is said to have a negative side effect of damaging the ozone layer and is no longer produced in most countries. Now, the industry standard is R-134a, which is an efficient absorber and carrier of heat without the ozone layer-damaging issues of R-12. Contrary to popular belief, most cars originally equipped with R-12 can be converted to 134a and still keep you just as cool.

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