February 2015

Executive Order

68-wagon_5779This ’68 Impala Station Wagon started life as a special order vehicle, and ended up a family heirloom.

Owned by Tom Kobman #22531253, Cincinnati, OH


Photography by Colin Date and Tom Kobman

During the third week of July 1968, a special color combination Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon, Model #16445, 3 seat (with the larger 396 engine and many other options) rolled out of the Lordstown, Ohio assembly plant.

The person who placed this special order is unknown. It’s assumed that the car was ordered by a General Motors executive, because of the special white with a turquoise top two-tone paint. We do know that this color combination was not an available option from General Motors. The trim tag has “SPECIAL” listed for paint color. Continue reading

Do It Yourself?

Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

What do you think? “Do I buy an old car and restore it myself, or pick a restored one and enjoy it right away?” I’ve taken part in conversations just like this, probably a dozen of them in the past year alone. Do we want to invest the time, money and energy creating something from scratch, or simply write the big check and hit the road smiling in a completely done car? I’ve noticed more often than not, that the age of the participants in these types of discussions directly correlates to the decision that’s reached. Continue reading

Installing A New Fuel Tank

fuel-tank-beforeStory and photography by Colin Date

Is this ugly or what? Granted, looking at this car from directly behind, the disgusting fuel tank is not completely visible. But just knowing how hideous it really is sparked (poor choice of words) us to do something about it.

Once we got this ’69 Chevelle up on the rack, the fuel tank’s actual condition became painfully obvious. As with just about everything else on this car, the tank was all original as well.

Eckler’s Chevelle offers a replacement unit for this ’69, part #605497. Eckler’s Chevelle also offers a fuel tank that is already set up for use with cars that have been converted to fuel-injection. Part #630691. For our car’s application here however, we’ll stay as close to factory stock as possible.

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