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Stranger In A Strange Land

Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

Putting our recent International issue (Chevy Classics, September 2015) together got me thinking about classic cars in unusual places. Seeing a ’61 Impala in Australia or a ’55 Chevy in Sweden is not all that unusual- after all, both of those countries are well known for housing plenty of classic American iron. Seeing a Roman Red 1960 Corvette cruising the streets of downtown London, England is certainly unusual though– especially one with California plates. Yes, our Chief Marketing Officer here at Eckler’s recently recounted this story to me. Or how about a ’55 Chevy convertible packed with locals roaming through the central Italian countryside? Our Director of Marketing here shared that curious tidbit of info once she knew what my “View” this month was all about. My brother, who is somewhat of a world traveler, recently sent me a picture of a brand new Ford Raptor pickup parked in the middle of nowhere, Bora Bora. Or how about this one? Years ago, my father told me he was standing on a street corner in downtown Amsterdam, and a ’70 Hemi ’Cuda rolled up to the lights– with Oregon plates! How does this stuff happen? However these unusual sights come to be, it certainly makes you shake your head and smile a bit! (more…)

The Digital Age

Truck-issue-head-shotBy Colin Date

I feel a certain comfort knowing that you’re reading this column in an actual magazine, printed on actual paper, delivered to your door. Why? Because this means Chevy Classics is a real, flesh and blood (you know what I mean) magazine. It’s not made up as pdf, or digitalized in some “click to turn the pages” online-only format, as many other automotive magazines seem to be nowadays. I’m glad our magazine is of the printed variety, and I know most of you are, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many great magazines and publications out there online, but that’s it– online, no print.  And I know that seems to be the way the world is going, too. Most of us have kids or grandkids who seem to be perfectly smug in reminding us of that fact. But most of us grew up with printed magazines, we never knew any different. We took for granted that at the end of our hectic workdays, we’d be sitting comfortably in our favorite chair, deeply engrossed in whatever we were reading. We sure didn’t envision sitting in front of a computer or tablet (or smartphone, even) trying to enlarge the story so we could read it. No, there’s something very comforting knowing print is surviving, and at Chevy Classics, thriving. Case in point: When I was at the recent Chevy Classics 38th Annual Convention in Norman, Oklahoma, I had many people tell me they loved the fact that we didn’t succumb to the digital-only format. I even had a comment like this voiced to me from a young man who appeared to be in his twenties. This made me feel pretty darned good. (more…)


Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

It’s late July as I’m rattling away at my keyboard here. Car show season is pretty much at its mid-point and by the time you’ll be reading this, it’ll be winding down. Back to school, vacations wrapping up, days getting shorter. I’ve been to a half dozen or so car shows so far, and I’ve got a few more to go yet– can’t wait!

I’ve written before on how much I enjoy getting out to see all the spectacular cars at these events, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made over the years. As if working in the industry I love isn’t great enough– I get to meet some awesome folks as well! (more…)