One Owner

Nova-Photos-016AThis beautiful 1970 Nova SS has lived its entire life in one family’s care.

Owned by Ed Hesner #10086443, Belfair, WA

I was discharged from active duty in the Air Force in September 1969. Back then I had a ’67 Nova SS that I had purchased a few months prior, and had driven to Omaha, NE, where I finished my active duty tour. Following my discharge, my wife and I returned to our home state of Washington where I got a job and began the transition back to civilian life.

In January of 1970, I ordered my 1970 Nova SS (yes, it’s a one owner car!) from a Chevy dealer in Kent, WA. I ordered it (rather than buy it off the lot) in order to get it exactly the way I wanted it. When I received it in April, I traded the ’67 Nova in on it. The new Nova was our family car, driven daily up until about 1986 when it was last licensed. It made several trips back and forth between Burien (south of Seattle) and Pullman, on the far eastern side of the state, during the 4-1/2 years I attended Washington State University. In 1985 or ’86, I stopped driving the car and bought a more fuel-efficient car to commute back and forth from our home in Puyallup to my job with the Boeing Company in Seattle. The Nova, in need of some repair work, sat for close to 24 years, most of that time in a garage or at least under cover. (more…)

The Journey

Camaro-main-frontThis ’67 Camaro RS went from rust bucket to show-stopper, in twenty-five years flat.

Owned by Karl Becker, Cocoa Beach, FL

By Mike Boffo   Photography by Colin Date

It all began with a phone call from my friend Dave. He wanted to talk about the possibility of restoring a 1967 Camaro RS convertible for a family friend of his. His friend, Karl Becker, had purchased a well-used, but original, ’67 Camaro RS convertible from a retired airline pilot in Miami. The car ran, but needed a total ground-up restoration. I told him to have Karl bring the car by my shop so we could see what we were up against.

On first glance, the RS didn’t look that bad. Digging further however, revealed that although it was all there, everything would have to be replaced or rebuilt. We agreed on an initial price and date to start the project. That was in January of 1991. Karl dropped the car off in March and Dave and I started the initial teardown. (more…)

Carrying a Torch (Red)

Stikeleather_8139This hot ’55 Two-Ten scored 995 points at Chevy Classics’ 2015 Winter National

Owned by Larry Stikeleather #23218343, Concord, NC

Photography by Colin Date

I have always loved the ’55 Chevy. As a small child of five, my parents bought the one and only new car they ever owned– a ’55 Chevy. I think that’s when I really became hooked.

During my younger days, I had owned three of these fine automobiles. But as life may have it, I joined the Air Force, went overseas during the Vietnam War, got married and started a family. As a matter of fact, in 1979 I drove my first wife to the hospital in a ’55 when my oldest child, Travis, was born. In looking back, if I had only known then what I know now, I would have worked out a way to keep those fine rides.  (more…)