Pros in the Know

Stalled Projects

Camaro1By Bob Hoke

Stalled. This term has several meanings to those in our hobby. Usually it applies to some vehicle which has conked out because it isn’t running very well. There is another common use however – the stalled project. We’ve all heard stories about some interesting vehicle that is sitting somewhere not doing the owner much good. Some are in their raw, untouched form, while many others have had some work but are far from completed. Most of the owners have big plans for these stalled projects, but the demands of life, and more often than not the lack of funds are getting in the way. In the meantime they take up a lot of space, and the years go by. (more…)

Revisiting the Past, Every Summer

Varsity-What'll-ya-haveBy Steve Alexander • Photography by Kelley Timms

OK, we realize it’s now officially winter, so we’re here to prevent you from slipping into those “I miss the summer” blues. What better way to do that? By focusing on a summer activity, of course! We’re sure there are plenty of burger joints out there that host car shows throughout the summer months (heck maybe year ’round), and we’re here to tell you about one of the coolest!

Every generation has that special thing that they do on weekends. Could be the local barn dance, drive-in movie, or cruising the local hamburger joint. One thing they all have in common is they give you a chance to show off your prized ride. Recently, my fellow Eckler’s buddy Kelley Timms and I found that hanging out at the local burger joint, enjoying some tasty food and showing off your prized ride is alive and well at The Varsity drive-in, Athens, GA. (more…)

1955’s 265 V8: The One That Started It All

SmallBlockEngine-mediumby Steve Alexander

Anyone who loves Chevrolet loves the iconic small-block V8 engine. But few of us know why and how this mechanical wonder came about. When Ed Cole took over as chief engineer at Chevrolet, he knew that in order to change Chevrolet’s image from grocery getter to high performance hot rod he would need a V8 engine. Before Cole started with Chevrolet, Ed Kelly had worked to develop a V6 and a 231 cubic-inch V8. But, Cole rejected both engines knowing he could design something better; more durable, faster, inexpensive and easy to operate. With vision, determination and hard work, he did just that. (more…)