Pros in the Know

Pinstriping: Old School Craftsmanship Is Still Alive And Well!

Pros-1by Steve Alexander

The art of freehand pinstriping can be traced back as far as the Roman Empire. Freehand pinstriping was used to accentuate the lines of the horse drawn carriage in the 1800s, and to detail the curves and bodylines of early American automobiles in the 1900s. Since the 1950s, such visionaries as K Von Dutch (Kenny Howard), George Barris and Bob Bonds have depended on freehand pinstriping to not just add color and flash to their creations, but bring them to life. Of course, technology has been utilized to duplicate with tape stripes, stencil stripes and mechanical wheel tools, but where they all fail miserably is the inability to duplicate the love, passion, flair and dedication that only a skilled artist can convey. (more…)

Camaro RPO Mystery, Not So Mysterious

Pros-SSP-stickerby Steve Alexander

Before life became filled with acronyms such as, LOL, BFF, FAQ, FYI, YMMV, and the one all married men hear at home– EOD (End of Discussion), there were a couple of acronyms that filled the soul of a Camaro owner: Z28 and COPO. Let’s take a look at what the meaning of RPO is, and what is offered, or in some cases would not be offered, to a new Camaro buyer.

First let’s define RPO– it stands for Regular Production Option. For those of you who have sat at a new car salesman’s desk, gripping your pencil tightly as you agonized over the seemingly endless options list, checking off just the right additions to build your dream machine, just like the one on the poster that hung over your bed as a kid, then you are already familiar with RPO codes. I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the most famous, common, and unusual Camaro RPO codes, focusing on the B4C code. GM designated this code as, “The Special Service Package”, or in layman terms, it’s known as “The Police Package”. (more…)

Show Biz

pros_7217by Brian Stanley

Car show season has been in full swing for a few months now for the entire country, and still has some life left before winter comes around. Fortunately for us here in the Sunshine State, we are able to have a year ’round car show season.

A huge perk of working for an automotive restoration parts company like Eckler’s is being able to attend many shows throughout the year, and meeting a huge amount of our customers and fellow “car guys.” For the most part, we attend at least one show a month, and often times more than that! We have a handful of employees here at Eckler’s who make up the show team, and we work hard at making the show experience the best we can for our and customers and event staff. (more…)