Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

It’s late July as I’m rattling away at my keyboard here. Car show season is pretty much at its mid-point and by the time you’ll be reading this, it’ll be winding down. Back to school, vacations wrapping up, days getting shorter. I’ve been to a half dozen or so car shows so far, and I’ve got a few more to go yet– can’t wait!

I’ve written before on how much I enjoy getting out to see all the spectacular cars at these events, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made over the years. As if working in the industry I love isn’t great enough– I get to meet some awesome folks as well!

As we all know, this hobby of ours is addictive, and challenging, too. It’s a ton of hard work and can be very expensive to restore our rides. Most of us can’t do it without a little help. That’s where friendships are born– people helping other folks– whether it be simply to offer some advice or to actually help with the knuckle-busting and wrench turning.

I’ve met many of you and formed some great bonds just photographing your cars. I can see the enthusiasm and love you have for your vehicles, and being a car guy myself, I know that feeling. It’s a shared love of these cars that ties us all together. I’ve often said to “non-car” people that classic car folks are some of the best you’ll ever meet!

All that being said, I’m proud to introduce our first International edition of the Chevy Classics Magazine! Although the majority of our members are located here in the U.S., we have many club members scattered all over the globe. Even though I’ve only met a small handful of them personally, I feel like I’ve developed some great friendships, and many more just through connecting over the Internet.

As you’re about to find out, this issue is flush with some wonderful classic Chevrolets. We kick things off with a 1955 Two-Ten, straight out of Lund, Sweden. Sweden seems to have a massive classic American car following, and is host to the largest car show on the planet each year. Apparently they have over 20,000 classics in attendance every summer! Check out The Power Big Meet at:

Next up on our feature car roster is a 1957 Bel Air Sport Coupe, currently residing in South Wales. This beauty from the UK was imported from the U.S. in 1987. It was photographed in front of Tewkesbury Abbey by Chevy Classics contributor Jenny Wren. You may recognize Jenny’s name from the coverage she did on the 57@57 event in our April 2015 edition. She did a spectacular job photographing this awesome ’57 too!

Starting on page 14, you’ll find one sleek ’61 Impala. Hailing from Brazil, this mildly customized ride is the pride and joy of Nello Bini, Jr. of São Paulo. Nello tells us that he’s been restoring classic cars for years, and this one is finally the car he got to do “his own way”. We understand that Brazil is a car lovers’ paradise, and hear that you’ll find many different brands from around the world here. We can just picture Nello’s hot Impala cruisin’ with the exotics!

From there, we move on to our feature car from Denmark. This rare big-block ’69 Camaro Pace Car belongs to Morten Gadegaard from Holstebro. Originally from a private collection in Illinois, this car was shipped to Denmark in 2010. It is a ground-up rotisserie restoration, and came with all the correct paperwork. You may remember Morten’s ’57 Bel Airs from our March, 2014 issue. This F-body is just as amazing, check it out– starting on page 18.

Our north-of-the-border car comes from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. Not exactly a Chevrolet, not exactly a Pontiac (well, technically it IS a Pontiac), this 1967 Beaumont is pure Canada. Built specifically for that market, you’ll hear just how this special hybrid came to be. Take the short drive to page 22, no passport required!

Our centerfold (and cover) car this issue is the pride and joy of Carl Kelsen of Victoria, Australia. Exported “down under” from the U.S. as a right hand drive car, this beautiful ’62 Impala Sport Sedan was photographed by John Frostell. John’s photographic talents were showcased in our August 2014 issue with his own right hand drive ’57.

If you’re reading this from outside of the United States, please consider sending us some photos and a story of your car– electronically please– email to: We’d love to do another international issue sometime in the not-too-distant future!

Until next time, Colin