April 2015

What are you waiting for? NOW is the time!

Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

Back in mid-January, I had the privilege of attending the Mecum Auction in Kissimmee, Florida. I’d only been to an auction once before – just a small local event back in Oregon. All I can say about Mecum is, “Wow”. It was one massive tent after another massive tent, housing hundreds of classic cars – all eventually headed to the block over 10 days of auction.

I was there primarily to photograph cars, and that I did – got enough iron shot to last a couple of months, at least. At Eckler’s, we’ll use some of those photos for social media, ads, promotions, catalogs, and we might use some in the magazine as well. As you can imagine, for a car nut like me, it’s kid-in-a-candy-store time. On the surface, it was 9 hours of wandering through the tents, oohing and aahing, getting as creative as I could with my Canon Rebel. Over the course of the day however, something far more cerebral started to gel in me. Continue reading

Installing New Weatherstripping

techshot-1Story and photography by Colin Date

Whenever setting out on any restoration, we all know that new weatherstripping is a must. It can make the biggest difference in the look and feel of your interior. It also serves as a barrier to keep out the harsh outdoor elements. If you have ever driven a car home from the paint shop with absolutely no weatherstripping in it, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the stuff is just plain old rubber and has no defense mechanisms against the sun, rain, or chemicals (not to mention time).

Lucky for us, replacing most weatherstripping is a walk in the park. The main items? Door seals, roofrail seals, window felts, quarter glass seals, vent window seals and trunk seals. Most of these are readily available for just about any classic GM vehicle. Eckler’s offers these seals and more in conveniently packaged and discounted kits. What more can you ask for? You can literally replace every rubber seal and bumper on your car, all for few hundred dollars (in most cases).

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55-Bel-Air_0008This gorgeous ’55 Bel Air was exactly what Randy Linscott envisioned.

Story and photos by Randy Linscott #23362982, Hesperus, CO

I’ve wanted a hot rod since about 1979– which was the last time I had one. I was president of the Chevelle Club back in the ’70s in Southern California, when everyone had a hot rod– including the fathers of the girls you were dating! Back in high school– in ’68 and ’69, I had a ’56 and a ’57 Chevy. I bought the ’56 for $65– running, but the engine smoked. My auto shop teacher encouraged me to pull it out and rebuild it. The 265 cube V8 was punched out to a 288 with headers and two 4-barrel carbs. The body had a crushed quarter panel, so I bought a ’57 body for $50 and put the engine in it. I don’t know if the dual quads were such a good idea. When I drove at 55 mph, I could literally watch the gas gauge moving toward empty!

So, I was looking for a car that would combine the memories of my ’66 Chevelle and my ’57 Chevy. I remembered how my ’57’s steering wheel was so hard to turn and the braking of my Chevelle SS (with a 427) was inadequate. Continue reading