October 2014

Upside down, wrong way around

Frostell_0972This stunning ’57 Bel Air is a source of pride Down Under. 

Owned by John Frostell #22332505, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Photography by John Frostell and Jasper Frostell

I think the best cars have stories to them, and this one is long– in years, that is. As a youngster, U.S. cars in Australia were a rarity, and my interest lay in British and European cars. I had owned a good few by my early twenties. But there was always a longing (for American cars), thanks to an article I had read in Life magazine that mentioned the 5-6-7 Chevrolets. That story included a photo of a sweet hardtop that spurred my automotive lust. I remember saying to myself that one day I would own one.

Changing cities a few years later in 1986 saw me without a car, and after some research I decided to buy a ’57 Sport Coupe from the U.S. via an importer. General Motors had locally sold a small number of 210 6-cylinder 4-door cars of this vintage, but my mind was set on the more glamorous– and a 2-door pillarless car with a V8 engine and 2-speed transmission was ticking all the boxes. With my deposit down, it was a few months before Polaroids arrived to prove the deal, and then another three before it landed. Continue reading


colin-head-shotBy Colin Date

If you’ve been reading my “View” each month, you know I’ve written about Late Great Chevys, Camaros, Corvettes and Chevelles (so far). All cars near and dear to my heart, I might add. I’ve had up-close and personal experiences with all of these cars, and the memories are all happy ones. Except one Corvette “incident” where I took an ’88 coupe in for routine maintenance and the shop ran their parts truck into it– but I digress…

Up until now, I’ve written very little on my personal history with Tri-5s, and that’s primarily because I have none. I’m being honest here. I’m not going to spin some tall tale telling you how I once raced a gray primer-clad ’55 Chevy against a 1970 GTO. No, that would be straight from Two-Lane Blacktop. Continue reading

Installing New Carpet and Sound Deadener

carpet-shot-1Story and photography by Colin Date

As we all know, the interior carpet is subject to some of the most brutal and constant abuse your car will ever see. How many times have you launched a full soda or cup of coffee into your floorboard only to let it sit there as you watch the carpet soak it up? If you’re lucky, you have a dark colored interior that will help mask the ever-popular blunder and minimize the spill area (except for the stench and stickiness, that is). Today, it’s just a part of operating an automobile and multi-tasking half a dozen other things at the same time. When you think about it, the possibilities are frightening! Anyway, I guess you can say the carpet is kind of the “catch-all” for all of our daily driving needs and negligence. When you mix that in with 40+ years of intense engine heat and floor pan moisture, the results can be startling.

For these specific reasons, installing new carpet and sound deadener is always near the top of the list after any purchase. It will make a drastic difference in your interior, regardless if any other changes are made or not. The cost of original style replacement carpet is in the neighborhood of around $200, and can be ordered from any of Eckler’s brand websites.

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