October 2014

At the Shows

Colinheadshot-newBy Colin Date

Wow, it’s been one long, hot, travelin’ summer for me. Car show after car show, flight after flight, hotel after hotel, photo shoot after…well, you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining one bit! What could be better than getting out to the car shows, seeing thousands of awesome rides, making new friends and seeing old ones? I’m very blessed, indeed.

My job here at Eckler’s not only entails the monthly planning and execution of this magazine, it also has me entrenched in all of our brand’s social media planning and posting. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sure, it’s a more than ton of work, but it’s right up my alley. And being a die-hard car guy, this is the type of career that a lot of people can only dream about. Continue reading

Bodywork: filling and sanding

tech-shot-2Story and photography by Colin Date

Bodywork can be a scary thing. Most of us would prefer just about anything than the painstaking task of hammering, filling, and endlessly sanding away on some slab of steel. Honestly, it just doesn’t sound like fun, nor does it make you go any faster. Still, the fine art of bodywork and metal fabrication is always in high demand. Visit any reputable body shop and chances are the lot is overflowing with work to be done. Bodywork can be extremely intense labor and very time consuming as well. It’s not uncommon for some custom projects to take years!

The forever-booming market continues to drive the prices of almost any vehicle– in any condition– over forty years old up and out of the reach of the budget-minded car crafters. Unfortunately, this means many of us have to start with a heap of you-know-what just to get our hands dirty. So what better reason to roll up the sleeves and break some new ground? The big stuff is still probably best left to a pro, but with a little filler and some sandpaper, you can easily handle the minors. And sometimes it’s just a bunch of minors that make the whole car seem like a major…

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Cureton-1A rare option on the 1969 Camaro spelt muscle on a budget!

By Owner George Cureton #22309618, Bear, DE

Photography by Colin Date

3rd Place Winner, Delaware Valley Camaro Club, Prestige Invitational Class, 2014 Riverfront Camaro Show

I was introduced to fast cars with my first job at Al Rossi’s ESSO at age 15. Al raced a C Gas ’56 Pontiac powered by a Pontiac engine and regularly took me to the drag races. I was hooked and knew then that cars were going to be a huge part of my future. I began NHRA drag racing with an I/SA Chevy street piece and year after year continually improved my equipment. With the help and guidance of Alex Jarrell, I built a 1956 G/SA Chevy Sedan Delivery, bought a Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins motor, honed my driving skills and became an overnight successful drag racer. At the early age of 21, I won the 1967 NHRA Stock Eliminator World Championship in Tulsa, OK, driving the Sedan Delivery. The following year, I married Elaine, my wonderful wife of now 46 years. Racing was our life for over 20 years! Elaine, myself, and the racecar even honeymooned at the 1968 Tulsa World Finals. I had several cars through the years, all named Tokyo Rose. As we traveled throughout the country, we won numerous championships, national events and held many NHRA national records. Continue reading