April 2016

Stalled Projects

Camaro1By Bob Hoke

Stalled. This term has several meanings to those in our hobby. Usually it applies to some vehicle which has conked out because it isn’t running very well. There is another common use however – the stalled project. We’ve all heard stories about some interesting vehicle that is sitting somewhere not doing the owner much good. Some are in their raw, untouched form, while many others have had some work but are far from completed. Most of the owners have big plans for these stalled projects, but the demands of life, and more often than not the lack of funds are getting in the way. In the meantime they take up a lot of space, and the years go by. Continue reading

The Journey

Camaro-main-frontThis ’67 Camaro RS went from rust bucket to show-stopper, in twenty-five years flat.

Owned by Karl Becker, Cocoa Beach, FL

By Mike Boffo   Photography by Colin Date

It all began with a phone call from my friend Dave. He wanted to talk about the possibility of restoring a 1967 Camaro RS convertible for a family friend of his. His friend, Karl Becker, had purchased a well-used, but original, ’67 Camaro RS convertible from a retired airline pilot in Miami. The car ran, but needed a total ground-up restoration. I told him to have Karl bring the car by my shop so we could see what we were up against.

On first glance, the RS didn’t look that bad. Digging further however, revealed that although it was all there, everything would have to be replaced or rebuilt. We agreed on an initial price and date to start the project. That was in January of 1991. Karl dropped the car off in March and Dave and I started the initial teardown. Continue reading

Epic Road Trips

Truck-issue-head-shotBy Colin Date

You may be wondering why I’m writing about road trips now that it’s wintertime. Well, most road trips take planning, and what better time to do that than now? Spring always gets here faster than we expect, then summer. Besides, planning a trip now will help you tune out those winter blues.

I’ve always been a road trip guy – ever since I bought my very first car. I remember being 16 years old and wanting to just hit the road, far away from everyone. Of course, at that age, my folks had plenty to say about that. I had to stay within 25 miles of home. But once I left the nest at age 19, my buddies and I would take 800 mile road trips over long weekends. And at that age, who plans anything? We’d throw our sleeping bags and a tent in the trunk and away we’d go! Continue reading