February 2016

Epic Road Trips

Truck-issue-head-shotBy Colin Date

You may be wondering why I’m writing about road trips now that it’s wintertime. Well, most road trips take planning, and what better time to do that than now? Spring always gets here faster than we expect, then summer. Besides, planning a trip now will help you tune out those winter blues.

I’ve always been a road trip guy – ever since I bought my very first car. I remember being 16 years old and wanting to just hit the road, far away from everyone. Of course, at that age, my folks had plenty to say about that. I had to stay within 25 miles of home. But once I left the nest at age 19, my buddies and I would take 800 mile road trips over long weekends. And at that age, who plans anything? We’d throw our sleeping bags and a tent in the trunk and away we’d go! Continue reading

Sealing the Deal: BuzzKil Body Insulation Installation

tech-4Story and Photography By Randy Irwin, Real Deal Steel

I have some very fond and not-so-fond memories of my first ’57 hardtop “hot rod”. One that sticks in my mind was when I volunteered to transport my mother to the grocery store (less than a mile away) in it. I was so proud that this car actually ran and drove, had seats and a legal license plate! Less than ¼ mile from our house, mother said “That’s it! Let me out, now!” Devastated that she was not enjoying the ride, I asked why she wanted out. “This car is too hot, too noisy and it smells bad!” was the reply. No carpet, no firewall pad, no floor insulation – that didn’t bother me at all. That was then. Now, I think I have turned in to my mother because I won’t put up with all of that heat, noise and smell nonsense either! Not many of us will.

This article will outline how simple and inexpensive it is to greatly reduce some of that heat and noise by installing some new BuzzKil Body Insualtion.

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The Story of Black Beauty

Sweden_134143How a childhood dream brought a ’57 Bel Air home to Norway

Owned by Stig A. Haugen #23758849, Trondheim, Norway

Story and photography by Stig A. Haugen

The original owner of Black Beauty, Mr. Anton L. Carlzon of Flint, Michigan, ordered the car the year he retired from General Motors. He followed it down the assembly line as it “got it all together”. Equipped with the 6-cylinder Blue Flame engine and a Powerglide transmission, the Bel Air 4-door sedan was sold via Summerfield Chevrolet in Flint, MI, on July 18, 1957. It bore the plate number KR1535.

Anton and his wife took good care of Black Beauty and drove it just 21,000 miles over the next 23 years – until 1980. The car had always been garage kept and was never driven in rain or snow. Continue reading