The Digital Age

Truck-issue-head-shotBy Colin Date

I feel a certain comfort knowing that you’re reading this column in an actual magazine, printed on actual paper, delivered to your door. Why? Because this means Chevy Classics is a real, flesh and blood (you know what I mean) magazine. It’s not made up as pdf, or digitalized in some “click to turn the pages” online-only format, as many other automotive magazines seem to be nowadays. I’m glad our magazine is of the printed variety, and I know most of you are, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many great magazines and publications out there online, but that’s it– online, no print.  And I know that seems to be the way the world is going, too. Most of us have kids or grandkids who seem to be perfectly smug in reminding us of that fact. But most of us grew up with printed magazines, we never knew any different. We took for granted that at the end of our hectic workdays, we’d be sitting comfortably in our favorite chair, deeply engrossed in whatever we were reading. We sure didn’t envision sitting in front of a computer or tablet (or smartphone, even) trying to enlarge the story so we could read it. No, there’s something very comforting knowing print is surviving, and at Chevy Classics, thriving. Case in point: When I was at the recent Chevy Classics 38th Annual Convention in Norman, Oklahoma, I had many people tell me they loved the fact that we didn’t succumb to the digital-only format. I even had a comment like this voiced to me from a young man who appeared to be in his twenties. This made me feel pretty darned good.

Now granted, we do have an online presence with Chevy Classics– we’re not completely old-fashioned. If you fire up your computer and enter “”, not only will you find ways to join our Club or renew your membership, you’ll be able to sample a few stories from the magazine as well. Having this information available online helps us get the word out about our Club, and lets potential new members see what we’re all about.

So, how about you, dear reader? Are you a “print person only”, or do you lean towards magazines that are in digital format as well? Do you have a smartphone? Tablet? Do you interact with automotive-based online forums and other forms of social media? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) I’d love to hear your opinion on this! The times are definitely a-changin’, and this industry right along with it. Email your thoughts to:

Onto this issue of the magazine! First up, starting on page 6, you’ll find John Bedenbender’s incredible, one-of-a-kind custom ’62 Impala. You have to see this car to believe it! It won an astounding 6 awards at the Chevy Classics show in Norman, OK, and, scored 1000 points. Starting on page 10 is Patrick Wightman’s 1955 Sedan Delivery, done up as Wightman’s Surf Shop. Seems sand surfing is all the rage in New Mexico, and Patrick’s ride fits in just fine! Next on the agenda: John Shearer’s ’56 Chevy. Done up as a street beast, this car exudes both power and class. The story starts on page 14. From there we move on to page 18, where David Greer’s ’57 Bel Air lives. David’s black beauty consistently scores in the high 900s at the shows. You’ll soon see why! Starting on page 22, you’ll see a gorgeous ’65 Malibu SS belonging to Jim and Linda Barrett of Payson, AZ. This car has gone through a few different incantations, and has ended up a show winner! Our centerfold car is actually 2 cars. Two 2002 Florida Highway Patrol Camaros, to be exact. There’s some great information here, and good reason why we were all freaked when a Camaro cop car pulled up behind us!

Tech this issue centers around some general restoration tips that can apply to just about any car. Most of these tips are low-cost fixes, too. Easy to do, great results!

You’ll also find the next chapter in the restoration of our ’55 Chevy project car, and a “future collectible” piece on the new Z06 Corvette.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it all together. By the way, next month, look for a “Can you find the number of _____ in this issue”? Just a heads up!

All the best, Colin