A Tribute To Tri-Five Club Members

By Robert Snowden

Please take a moment to go back and take a look at the inside cover of this month’s issue of Chevy Classics. Pay close attention to the area where it tells you that this is Volume 38 –Number 3. Do you realize what that means? It means that this is the 38th year of publication for Chevy Classics magazine! 38-years! That, folks, is an incredible run for a car club publication.

This month I want to pay tribute to the cars and the members who made it all possible. I’m, of course, talking about the Tri-five Chevrolets and the thousands of dedicated owners of these Classic vehicles. It all started back in the early 70’s when Doug Morehead ran a small ad in Hot Rod Magazine asking owners of ’55-’57 Chevys to join him in forming a National ’55-’57 Club. Thousands of Tri-five owners responded. Thus was the beginning of Classic Chevy International! Over the past 39-years we have seen expansions of years, several changes of ownership, additional Chevrolet model coverage and mergers of clubs! What started out as a rather small group of ‘55-‘57 Chevy enthusiasts has grown over the years into an expanded worldwide Chevrolet Club.

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