All About Tires

This month’s article covers one of the most important aspects of Chevy ownership: tires! What type of tire is your Chevy rolling down the highway on? Everyone wants that great look when it comes to tires. Of course pricing, safety, and durability are also things to take into consideration. This month Mike Boffo will explain what to look for in tire choice. Do you know the importance of the “D.O.T.?” You will after reading Mike’s article! I’m sure that the next time you go to purchase new tires you’ll be looking at this information -Robert Snowden

Not long ago, there was a local tire store chain utilizing an ad spokesman that reminded me of my worst nightmare of a used car salesman. He always started the commercial with, “Tires ain’t pretty, they don’t smell good, but ya gotta have them, and we got them for cheap.” To say the least, it always got my attention and I guess that’s what they were after. I don’t know if it helped them sell tires, but the commercials became famous, at least locally.

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