Bill Mitchell

Photo Courtesy of the National Corvette Museum
Photo Courtesy of the National Corvette Museum

GM & Chevrolet’s Automotive Artist

It was a warm spring day in the northern Detroit suburb of Warren MI, 1960. The sun was reflected from the many glass buildings that comprised a huge complex known to its many employees simply as, the “Tech Center.” Roaring off Van Dyke Avenue into the main entrance, rolled a big silver motorcycle. The “biker” turned down the tree-lined entrance drive and headed into a parking lot labeled “GM EMPLOYEES ONLY.”

The bike itself was a big Harley, covered in silver-colored fiberglass and the rider was equally decked out in a silver-colored leather outfit. Before the man popped off his helmet, those looking out of the windows facing the parking lot, as well as those heading into the building, instantly knew who he was. He was the head honcho, the style guy. This was the man who was both loved and reviled, celebrated and cursed by those who worked under him, opposed him or fought with him throughout the departments and divisions of General Motors.

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