Burying the Lede

If you were a high school gear head in Dallas, Texas in 1963 you had the first Saturday in October reserved for the State Fair of Texas. What was so important about that Saturday?  In the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s the first look at the new car models was at the Texas Fair. We were there when the gates opened and made a bee line for the Automobile building and of course the Chevrolet exhibit. There among all the new ’64 Chevrolets was a beautiful White with red interior Super Sport. It’s funny how these days I have trouble remembering where I was last Saturday, but that Saturday in 1963 and that Impala is forever burned in my memory. I guess that is what prompted me to start a search for a ‘64 SS in 1993. I had just finished a ’66 Corvette project and was now looking for an Impala Super Sport!

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