Cannot Fathom It

Cullum-1This optioned-out ’69 Chevelle droptop was originally green, but seems to suit Corvette Red quite nicely!

Greg Cullum #13164397 • High Ridge, MO

Photography by Jim Knight

Over a period of time I’ve owned eight different ’69 Chevelles. In addition to these cars, I also enjoy collecting NOS and rare factory Chevelle parts. A lot of these parts come from eBay and swap meets.

I purchased this ’69 Chevelle convertible in 2001. It came from the Louisville, KY area. The car was painted Corvette red when I purchased it– a quick look at the cowl tag showed that this car’s original color was Fathom green. The engine compartment was painted red and the Chevelle did not have the correct motor. Even with these drawbacks, I saw real potential for this ’69 convertible. After all, I already had everything to make the needed corrections and time was on my side. My decision was to totally disassemble the car and put it back to its factory original condition. Because the paint on the car was so outstanding at this time, I decided to not repaint it. When the time is right for a total restoration it will go back to its original Fathom green exterior paint color.

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