Chevelle Man

1970-chevelle_2050Ed Bellflower is very specific when it comes to his love for Chevelles. They all have to be vintage 1970.

Owner: Ed Bellflower #1000331 • Oak City, NC

Story by Robert Snowden

Photography by Colin Date

During my many years of involvement in the Chevrolet collector car hobby I’ve noted one consistent factor; when a Chevy owner gets hooked on a given year or model, that’s it for them! Such is the case of Ed Bellflower. For him it’s always been the 1970 Chevelle. As Ed says, “I’ve owned a ’70 Chevelle since 1970”. In October of 1969, Ed ordered his first Chevelle. It was a 454ci/450hp version, the legendary LS6. Ed kept that car until 2002. Since that first Chevelle, Ed has owned and restored many 1970 Chevelles in nearly every color and with all powertrain options. Like I said, with Ed, the only Chevrolet to own is a ’70 Chevelle.

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