SwobodzienThis ’68 Camaro came all the right stuff, including the paperwork

As told by owner Dee Swobodzien #17030533 • Apopka, FL

Photography by Colin Date

This is the proverbial “little old lady” car story with the documentation to prove it. This ’68 Camaro was purchased by Late Great Chevys back in 1993 from an elderly lady in Hollywood, CA, with 33,000 miles showing on the odometer. She faxed them a letter and a picture of the car. It was transported to Florida in its original condition. The transport company verified the condition and mileage at that time. My husband, Frank, worked with Late Great Chevys at that time and maintained the car for them. It was later sold to another member/friend who had it for nine years. Frank continued to maintain the Camaro. Frank asked the owner to keep him informed if the car should ever be sold, as I liked the car.

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