Ford Eats GM’s Lunch

bob snowdenBy Robert Snowden

In the mid-sixties Ford introduced the Mustang and it was an instant hit! GM was suddenly two steps behind the competition. It wasn’t that GM didn’t realize this market existed; it’s that they were just slow getting their new Camaro line into production. I’ve always been one of those who view the Ford Mustang as a “chick” car, but it’s hard to argue with early production and big sales numbers.

By early 1967, GM finally got the ball rolling with the introduction of its new Camaro model. Now here was a “man’s” mid-size sports car! The Camaro vs. Mustang war was on and today, 46 years later, the battle rages on. The sporty mid-size vehicle has always been popular, but none more so than Camaro. Our June issue of Chevy Classics features several of these great collector cars.

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