Full-Size Hot Rod

Car shows are great, but nothing beats hitting the open road in a classic Chevy!

My wife and I have been midyear Corvette owners and fans for the past 40 years. We have pictures of us and our ’63 split window under 48 state signs, Mexico and Canada.

When we started having grandchildren (6 of them) we wanted to get them involved in the car hobby, and we couldn’t all fit in the Corvette! We needed a way to take them to get ice cream in a vintage car, thus the decision to purchase or build an Impala.

We bought the car three years ago in Minnesota, from an eBay listing. A wealthy developer (with no car knowledge) tried to commission the build with no expense spared. As happens all too often, everywhere he turned he was taken advantage of. So he ended up with a very expensive car that still needed all kinds of work. I set out to make the car a comfortable cruiser.

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