Greetings from Australia!

This right hand drive 1962 Impala Sport Sedan represented top-of-the-line luxury downunder

Do you believe that only coupes and convertible body styles qualify as collector cars? If you do, then as a Chevrolet enthusiast for over 50 years, I find this opinion difficult to understand. Thirty-five years ago when I was looking for my Impala, I ignored Impala convertibles and coupes for sale because I preferred the look of a 4-door hardtop.

Chevrolet has offered a variety of body styles, and today we are fortunate to see so many restored 2-door models at car shows. Conversely, it’s unfortunate that so few 4-door hardtop examples survive. It’s worth remembering that Chevrolet produced 4-door hardtops for just 20 years– 1956-1976.

In 1962, Chevrolet sold more than a million cars and managed to break worldwide sales and profit records. Of course, the majority of these sales were made not in foreign countries like Australia, but in Chevrolet’s home territory– the U.S.A. In the U.S., Chevrolet was the people’s car. Americans could buy a new one for about one-third of their average annual income. Even a heavily optioned Impala was well within the financial reach of most Americans. The situation in Australia was very different.

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