How Car People Saved Our Cities… & the Environment

horse3by  Dan Peters

It’s difficult to believe in this modern era that we car-crazy people were once hailed as environmental saviors. That’s right, we car-nuts, who love the smell of gasoline and old mucky parts are the environmental saviors of the 20th century, if not human history! It’s hard to believe this fact when we are constantly bombarded with environmental pressures and anti-classic car legislation that point at the classic car guys as “gross polluters.” It’s also hard to believe we are heroes when you hear from the misinformed that the world has passed a billion cars, traffic is horrid in the city, the skies are full of smog and we unnecessarily burn huge amounts of gasoline with our carbon-belching, inefficient, oil-dripping pollution factories for the joy of the wind in our hair or to get an ice cream cone with our kids or grand kids. But! Do not be downtrodden! You are all environmental heroes!

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