Keep Truckin’ On

68-El-Camino_4729Subtle mods and a stunning paint job make this 1968 El Camino unique

By Owner Dave Marzen #22027112, Duluth, GA

Photography by Colin Date

My infatuation with El Caminos and the concept of a car-truck hybrid design started at a very young age of probably 7-8 years old. I can remember my next door neighbor in the early ’60s, who worked for the phone company, had a “work truck” 1957 Ranchero that I always loved. And then in my Hot Wheels collection as a kid, my favorite car was the burnt orange “Custom Fleetside” that appeared to be an El Camino, but was actually designed after a ’67-’68 Chevy truck front clip with an El Camino style roof line and bed.

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