view-hulaBy Colin Date

It’s full-blown summertime just about everywhere– and that means car shows aplenty. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have already attended 5 or 6 major events around the country. I just love this time of year!

Of course, every show is flush with incredible cars– that’s a given. What’s also a given is the vast array of knick-knacks that seem to go hand in hand with our classics. By “knick-knacks”, I’m lumping just about everything in– scale model cars replicating the original (usually perched atop an air cleaner, sometimes even on a rotating display stand!), fuzzy dice (always hanging from the rear view mirror), drive-in restaurant food trays (plastic burgers, fries and shakes), 2-foot high dolls resting their weary heads (usually against a tire or bumper) and dash “toppers” (typically hula dancers, wiggling their hips ceaselessly). I’m sure I’ve missed something here, please remind me if I have!

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