People’s Choice Judging – Say What!

By Robert Snowden

The big day has finally arrived, it’s show time! You’ve been anxiously waiting the day you can finally show your Chevy Classic. You’ve made sure every part on your car fits perfectly, each piece of chrome has been given a high luster shine and you’ve cleaned, polished and waxed every inch of the car. This will be your first show, your Chevy looks great! The family piles into the car and it’s off on the short drive to the show location.

Upon arriving at the show, your first task is to get registered. Here’s where the fun begins. One of the first things you might be asked is what class your Chevy will be in. At most shows, all cars are separated into individual classes. Many times there is no distinction between stock, semi-modified, modified or custom. Sometimes classes are even lumped together by years, many times covering many years. You’re told that at today’s show there will be “People’s Choice Judging.” A gentleman at registration informs you that your Chevy will be placed in the “stock fifties” class. After finding a parking spot you begin to walk around and enjoy the other cars at the show.

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