POP’S ’55

POPS-55-2[1]This ’55 Two-Ten is a loving tribute to the car’s original owner

Story and photography by Alf Peterson #10011438, Leesburg, VA

Everyone has their special car story, and this is mine. The first time I saw “Pops ’55” was way back in…1955. Pop is my grandfather and this was his new car. In the early ’60s when I was in high school, I loved to drive the ’55– that is, when Pop would let me. Even back then, when I pulled into a service station to buy gas, the attendants would say “cool car”. (They had only full service back then and the attendant would fill gas, clean your windshield and check your oil.) I would dream about the ’55 whenever I was away from it, which actually was quite often, as Pop lived in New Jersey and I lived in Virginia. I longed for the day when I could fix it up the way I wanted!

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