55-Bel-Air_0008This gorgeous ’55 Bel Air was exactly what Randy Linscott envisioned.

Story and photos by Randy Linscott #23362982, Hesperus, CO

I’ve wanted a hot rod since about 1979– which was the last time I had one. I was president of the Chevelle Club back in the ’70s in Southern California, when everyone had a hot rod– including the fathers of the girls you were dating! Back in high school– in ’68 and ’69, I had a ’56 and a ’57 Chevy. I bought the ’56 for $65– running, but the engine smoked. My auto shop teacher encouraged me to pull it out and rebuild it. The 265 cube V8 was punched out to a 288 with headers and two 4-barrel carbs. The body had a crushed quarter panel, so I bought a ’57 body for $50 and put the engine in it. I don’t know if the dual quads were such a good idea. When I drove at 55 mph, I could literally watch the gas gauge moving toward empty!

So, I was looking for a car that would combine the memories of my ’66 Chevelle and my ’57 Chevy. I remembered how my ’57’s steering wheel was so hard to turn and the braking of my Chevelle SS (with a 427) was inadequate.

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