Revisiting the Past, Every Summer

Varsity-What'll-ya-haveBy Steve Alexander • Photography by Kelley Timms

OK, we realize it’s now officially winter, so we’re here to prevent you from slipping into those “I miss the summer” blues. What better way to do that? By focusing on a summer activity, of course! We’re sure there are plenty of burger joints out there that host car shows throughout the summer months (heck maybe year ’round), and we’re here to tell you about one of the coolest!

Every generation has that special thing that they do on weekends. Could be the local barn dance, drive-in movie, or cruising the local hamburger joint. One thing they all have in common is they give you a chance to show off your prized ride. Recently, my fellow Eckler’s buddy Kelley Timms and I found that hanging out at the local burger joint, enjoying some tasty food and showing off your prized ride is alive and well at The Varsity drive-in, Athens, GA.

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