State Rep Program

State Rep Program

Guidelines & Application

The Chevy Classics State Rep program is designed to extend our services and to provide local representation to Members and Chapters alike.  We are a member-driven organization dedicated to preserving the auto enthusiast hobby by recognizing and rewarding our members and the cars they build and own.  By establishing close ties with the members, State Reps form a permanent bond with Chevy Classics members, and provide a critical communication channel that allows us to develop the types of products and services our members want.  As our organization continues to grow, maintaining this personal contact is more important than ever.

Responsibilities & Representation

There are separate State Reps for Chevy Classics.   Although each Rep is responsible for their respective club we encourage cross promotion, whenever the situation may arise.  Both clubs share many common themes, events, and even members!

State Reps play a vital part in maintaining open communication with our members by:

-Become personally acquainted with members and learn their particular needs.
-Correct problems that may arise in a timely manner, and give feedback to Chevy Classics.
-Sign up new members, and start Local Chapter(s) in your area.
-Work with existing Local Chapters, to help them in every way possible.
-Help local members technically, and report to Chevy Classics of needed technical help.
-Promote Chevy Classics and local Chapters at car shows, swap meets and other events.
-Meet local Chevy dealerships and foster sponsorship opportunities for Chapters.
-Find members who are “specialists” in various fields to support local members.
-Become knowledgeable of state laws, or proposals, that could effect our hobby.
-Become knowledgeable of requirements to meet “antique” status for license tags.
-Contact, and keep in touch with, “salvage” yards, to learn of available parts.
-Encourage interaction between Members, and Local Chapters in your state.
-Find “key” people and helpers in your area, to help your Chapters and members.
-Attend the national shows, and the International convention, as often as possible.
-Go above and beyond this list with your own ideas, goals, and achievements.
-State Reps will be appointed for a 2-year renewable term.

State Rep Application

State Reps are volunteer positions and become open on a space-available basis only.  If you are interested in becoming a State Rep please submit your request using the mini application below.  If there is space available we will send you a complete package including a State Rep Handbook and a detailed Application.  Thank You for your Interest!

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