The Evolution of Our Tri-5 Chevys

Chevy-designersAby Mike Boffo

Of all the automobiles that have been built by Detroit, there are only a handful that have become icons in our car hobby industry. The ’55-’57 Chevy is one of those icons.

When I was in high school in the late ’60s, transportation had to be cheap and the Tri-5 Chevys fit the bill. Going to school full time and working a part time job meant you had just enough money to purchase an old Chevy. Parts were readily available at the local NAPA auto parts store. If you had to piece one together, there were plenty of Tri-5s in the junkyard where you could get your parts. Hoods, doors, glass, interiors and trim were all there ready to be picked. And the prices were cheap. You could buy an entire front clip, which consisted of the hood, fenders, inner fenders, radiator and core support, for around one hundred dollars. And, you could usually get the yard to throw the front bumper in the deal if you pulled the clip yourself.

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