The Future of Our Hobby?

TKCS_LOGO_2by Kelley Timms

A few nights ago after work, I came into the house only to find my 9-year old and my 6-year old deeply engrossed in “one of the finest episodes of Spongebob Squarepants ever”. It was a beautiful day outside and this, coupled with my distain for Spongebob, sent me spiraling immediately to a level of irritation I had not been to in a long time. I told my kids, “Everyone outside now!”

As we went out through the garage, we had to pass my ’73 Camaro RS, which is in the “put-together” stage and has been for quite some time. I told myself I had to finish the Camaro and I wondered how I could involve my kids in this project– so they actually learn something about cars. Would they even want to learn and appreciate classic cars as their dad does? This led back to the office the next day and we posted up on a couple of the popular car forums this question: What do you do to help further the hobby to the next generation? Needless to say, the responses were great. We got a lot of them from car people of all ages.

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