Thirty-Plus Years Later Still One Constant

By Robert Snowden

It was the mid 70s and Chevy Classics Club (then known as Classic Chevy International Club) was in its infancy. This new upstart club of ’55-’57 Chevrolet enthusiasts were just getting organized into what would grow to be the largest marquee car club in the nation. As the club grew, it quickly became clear that there were two constant things the members were seeking; first, was facts and information and the second need was parts!

The monthly club publication, Chevy Classics, served as a means of sharing facts and information. The first club “parts project” was the reproduction of the ’55-’57 shop and assembly manuals. This literature provided much of the asked for and needed information. From there the club jumped into production of its first hard parts. Park light lenses and rubber seals were next in the list of parts offerings.

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