Those Glorious Impalas!

colin-head-shotBy Colin Date

When I get to this stage in the production of the magazine (writing my “Chevy Classics View”), it means the issue is just about in the can, ready to go to press. Other than photographing the cars, writing this column is probably my favorite part of the monthly effort. Sometimes writer’s block can hit, depending on how many other distractions are being tossed my way. More often than not though (thankfully), a subject pops into this thick ol’ skull of mine. Such is the case here– look at our main feature car line-up: 4 spectacular Chevrolet Impalas! A ’59, ’60,’61, and a ’62 no less. Does it get any better than this? Of course, everyone out there who doesn’t own (or worship) one of those aforementioned years is saying, “Yes, it does get better, you haven’t seen my___________________________.”

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