Time Capsule

55-210_2156This Chevy 210 has only seen 4866 miles in the past 58 years!

By Steve Perry #10039809, Arkansas State Rep • Bentonville, AR

photography by Colin Date

I have been a fan of unrestored cars since I fell in love with a ’57 Chevrolet at the age of 12. Unfortunately, most “unrestored” cars I’ve looked at over the years were either already restored or rusty and in need of a total restoration.

In February of 2012, I purchased a ’55 210 4-door sedan with 29,000 miles for a daily driver. This car has original paint, great interior, and is a blast to drive because everything is tight and smooth. From a mechanical standpoint, it’s easy to see why these cars were dubbed the “hot one” back in the day.

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