Two of a Kind

Kevin Adams has a “family” of Ash Gold ’68 Chevelles. Well, one’s an Elco…

Before telling this story about my El Camino, I must start at the beginning with a short story of my first car. It was the summer of ’72 and I had earned enough money, I thought, to buy a car. After many trips through various car lots I spotted this car, and it was in my price range. The salesman let me take it for a spin and even let me drive it home to show my folks. With a little help with insurance, tag and taxes, I was the proud owner of a 1968 Chevelle “Concours” two-door hardtop with 40,000 miles on it – for $1,400. It wasn’t a muscle car, but it did have a 327 4-barrel carburetor and air-conditioning. I drove it through my high school and college years and even on my wedding day. Later it was retired from a work car and restored. And unlike so many people who walk by at shows and say, “I had a car just like that”, I still have my first car.

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